About Us

At 360 İletişim, with our dedication to social good, we mobilize our expertise in communication for Social Impact, and the engagement of Social Capital for a better future. 

Since 2010, we have been the voice of organizations, brands, and leaders that include social good in their business strategy and value their people for an inclusive culture. With our committed purpose to make a positive change, we prioritize our expertise in communication to activate their potential and transform it into social impact.  

Our Social Impact projects bring together international organizations, the public sector, NGO’s and private companies. These projects have further enhanced our knowledge and understanding of the broader policy framework of the EU Delegations’ local and national policy framework, such as national authorities, governmental institutions, political parties, the private sector, civil society, municipalities, and universities in Turkiye. 

With our dedicated purpose for social good, we prioritize mobilizing our expertise in communication to activate their potential and transform it into social impact.

We have extensive experience addressing Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), with a focus on sustainability, education inequality, immigration, and the gender gap. 

Believing that transformation starts from within, we expand our sphere of influence by including all stakeholders in our communication strategies.​ With a 360-degree communication approach, we foster a workplace culture that encourages and enhances social capital. To achieve this, we align ourselves with and integrate into their operations. We orchestrate and conduct their social impact projects and internal communications to deliver their stories. We believe that the impact starts within the organization, and we carry out inclusive and transformative corporate culture projects by focusing on internal communication. We inspire our employees with our trainings and speakers.​

We celebrate, promote, and work for diversity and equality.

Biased actions and discrimination not only deny disadvantaged groups their constitutional rights but also hinder development towards a better and more sustainable world. We are committed to enabling our capacity to advocate for diversity, empower women, and contribute to equality.

Always adhering to our values, integrity, and professionalism, we communicate for impact and strive to increase social good in all our collaborations.