City Air #CleanAirBetterLife

Public Awareness Communication (EuropaAid/ 139185/IH /SER/TR 2019-2021​)

CityAir Turkey is a national technicalcapacity building and awareness project to improve air quality in cities,funded by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey under IPA II, and thefinal beneficiary is the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and ClimateChange.

As 360 İletişim, as part of ourresponsibilities, we managed all the end-to-end social awareness activities ofthe project. This included organizing workshops, producing a public TVC, radiospots, and outdoor advertisements, as well as creating booklets and kits for children,and brochures for risk groups in 31 cities. We also conducted stakeholdermanagement, which involved coordinating with the Ministry of Health andEducation, as well as relevant NGOs.

Through our work on the CityAir Project Awareness Component, wepublished a total of 803 news items related to the project and/or projectactivities in mainstream and local media (including visual, written, and newmedia) over the past 18 months. By leveraging effective communication tools andtechniques, we were able to effectively raise public awareness about theproject's goals and outcomes and drive meaningful engagement among allstakeholders.