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Strategic Corporate Communications

Those who adopt a strategic approach to perception management, create value for the future.

360dereceiletisim-icons-01Effective management of brand value depends on a comprehensive understanding of business goals. Only then are the appropriate messages delivered to the social stakeholder, following a clear plan of action.
We have 360° awareness when planning our business partners’ communication with the social stakeholder. This means that we increase brand equity through the setting of measurable targets. And this approach enables us to undertake long-term projects of social consequence that hold genuine importance for society.

Social Shareholder Relationships

Communities that embrace each other today, together create a better tomorrow.

360dereceiletisim-icons-02 Boosting Turkey’s brand equity is directly related to the strengthening of public institutions’ national and international communication. 360° Communication builds projects that clarify public expectations and ensure that public institutions’ social projects address public concerns. We believe in the central role of public communication for a transparent society and sustainable development. We offer social content solutions that recognize the changing nature of management in, and customer experience of public institutions that listen to and understand each other. Institutions aware of the contribution that equal opportunities makes to Turkey’s overall brand equity.

Media Relationships Management

Only the right message can ensure the right perception.

360dereceiletisim-icons-03 Media relations is not merely a question of the visibility of an organization and its leadership, but more more importantly, how it increases the awareness of its stakeholders, and how it actually makes difference, whatever the circumstances.
As 360° communication, we look upon media relations as a combination of good ideas that reflect current issues in the media in a timely fashion. To these ends, we present our partners in the media as opinion leaders to be listened to based on the actual value they have created.

Leadership Communications

Leaders are the founders for future.

360dereceiletisim-icons-04 The perception of leaders is a key factor impacting the structures that they represent. Therefore, when planning their communication we not only consider the institution’s brand equity, but also the social messages being imparted through these leaders and their institutions. We identify those areas in which leaders have the potential to become opinion leaders, and provide management support accordingly.
Our consulting services trace global events using a “presidential office approach” whereby key regular reports are provided when and where needed. In so doing, we focus on areas of expertise pertinent to these leaders, maximising their participation in and impact on national and international organizations. We know how important it is for a prominent individual to be perceived well  the public arena. We therefore make sure that the leaders we represent are fully informed, and capable to the highest degree of delivering powerful messages of maximum impact, verbally and in the printed word.

Social Responsibility Management

To enjoy value in the future, we must first place value in the future.

360dereceiletisim-icons-05 The pursuit of sustainable development and investment in future value necessitates that the principle of “good corporate citizenship” is the common goal of an institution’s management, employees and business partners. Projects of social responsibility created with a clear notion of “Good Citizen” among all stakeholders lends positive momentum to social transformation.
We believe in shared responsibility for sustainable development. Accordingly, we don’t view social responsibility as an area of activity, but rather as a natural part of being a responsible citizen. As such, social projects ply an important role in all of our strategic communication consultancy work. Accordingly, we contribute to their design and unite relevant non-governmental bodies and private sector enterprises in pursuit of common goals. Investment in the future, we believe, demands private sector, non-governmental and public sector cooperation.

Financial Communication

Finansal iletişimi ile ekonomik değer yaratıyoruz.

360dereceiletisim-icons-06 Financial Communications is a boutique strategic consultancy with the reach and resources of the world’s largest public relations firm. We advise public and private companies on strategic and capital markets communications to help effectively position them with the financial community during transformative events as well as during normal-course business with the expertise of our Agency Founder Seçil Şendağ.