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Corporate Communication

Our teammates are our most valuable brand warriors.

Kurum-İçi-İletişimEvery change derives strength by getting internal support from those bringing it about. Indeed, a successful communication strategy is built on such support, gaining  from communication with all employees involved. Their incorporation into the process not only creates shared value, but also benefits from evaluation based on collective experience. When undertaking internal communication projects, we expand communication channels by creating a structure inclusive of all employees. Because the way we see it, content management, and the pursuit of an organization’s strategic communication objectives starts with internal communication among employees.

Event Management

Smart ideas deserve smart events.

Etkinlik-YönetimiTo create a social agenda and communicate with stakeholders, national and international events geared towards current events, and that bring opinion leaders together are of great importance. All events participated in must clearly advance a company’s communication strategy and reinforce it through the associated messages given. We enrich organizations for extending the effect area, not just for the organization period, for the sustainable effect. We build on the extensive and renowned national and international event organization experience, of our founding partners that spans 30 years of achievement.

Corporate Publishing

A brand is an amalgamation of all related concepts.

Kurumsal-YayıncılıkThose corporations and brands capable of effectively conveying their respective identities to stakeholders also deliver stronger, and more memorable messages that create future value. In this context, we create communication channels that provide a clear vision of the corporation and any juncture where it meets the stakeholder.
We build the corporate identity of our partners that best defines their work and that is reinforced in their corporate literature. To do this we create a common communication language in which we provide strategic communications consultancy that ensures uniformity of message across all communication channels.

Trade Mark and Communication Education

Investing in the future starts with investing in common learning.

Marka-ve-İletişim-EğitimleriThe fundamental mission of any institution is “to create value”, a process wherein communication with both the customer and the employee alike is crucial to success. Therefore, investment not just in today, but also in the future is indispensable when it comes to staying one step ahead of the competition. Those who utilize effective communication strategies in planning for the future will build tomorrow on the value they enjoy today. We view a company’s brands and employees as the essential elements of future value. Duly, our strategic communications consultancy serves to improve the value and training solutions of our client projects.